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    Noni Enzyme

Noni Enzyme

Noni Enzyme

Noni Enzyme
[Code: 1032]


Packing: 600ml

Retail Price: 798.00

Country of Origin: Taiwan
Noni fruit contains a lot of minerals and special Xeronine (a variety of onion sugars ,anthraguinones), terpenes (terpenes), glycosides (glycosides), fatty acids (fatty acids) and other substances to help cell metabolism.
It especially works well on female for hormone regulation.
After fermentation of Noni juice, it will be activated to serve as a great antioxidant, anti-aging ingredient to adjust metabolic reactions of the body and to maintain a healthy well being.

This Noni enzyme also contains 80% herbal ingredients, and a mix of enzymes of various fruits and vegetables.

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