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Massage Oil

Massage Oil

Pure Ginger Oil
[Code: 7028]


Special Offer: 3 bottles(10 % OFF)

Packing: 60ml

Retail Price: 198.00

Origin: Taiwan
Pure e Pure Ginger oil Benefits:
For centuries, India, China and Japan because of the medicinal properties of ginger and characteristics, widely used in traditional dishes. The ancient Egyptians ginger species, used for cooking to avoid infection, the Romans used ginger ophthalmology, they will modulate a ginger drug point in the eyes several times a day, for the treatment of severe cataracts, the 12th-century saint Greek therapists Stewart Guardian that ginger is excited crowd and tonic, ginger have aphrodisiac properties, especially for the old man to marry Shaoqi's stimulating! Medieval Black Death with ginger resistance (plague). Ginger Chinese people are less familiar, centuries and is widely used in folk medicinal treatment, in the Pearl River Delta, it boils water to wash your hair with ginger root can drive head wind, with ginger root to treat colds and Cabei cough, popular in recent years with ginger root extract oil, ginger root to use essential oils care and treatment more convenient and effective.
Efficacy: carminative to cold and dampness, water bath heated foot bath; plus shampoo / shower gel to the wind; plus tea seed oil massage to the wind to help blood circulation.

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