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    Klar Household Cleaning

Klar Household Cleaning

Klar Household Cleaning

Dishwashing and Washing Machine Cleaner
[Code: 77226]


Packing: 200g

Retail Price: 49.00

Origin: Germany

The dischwasher cleaner enables you ti deely clean your dishwasher or your waching machine. It removes imesclea, fat, dirt, deposits and bad smells, especially in places that are difficult to access, such as the drum, the inside parts, the spray arms, the pipes, the heatind rods etc. 

the regular use protects your machine ensures an energy saving use incresed the optimal performance and extends the lifetime of your machine. Also for your wshing machine. 


For the Dishwasher:
*1 Bag=1 Application

Empty the machine. Fill the content of the bag into the dosing department. Close the dosing department Left over cleaner just give into the machine and shut the door. Start a washing programm with high temperature and let run. 

For the Washing Machine:
*First cleaning= 2 Bags
* Regular cleaning (depending on frequency of washing) = 1 Bag

Fill in the cleaner into the main dosing depatment of the machine. Choose a main washing cycle without pre-washing, let run wothout detergent anf wothout laundry. Afterwords yo can dorectly start washing again. It will be more effective when use the washing cycle over 60

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