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 Ume Concentrated
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    Ume Concentrated

Ume Concentrated

Ume Concentrated

Ume Concentrated
[Code: 15101]


Packing: 100g

Retail Price: 660.00

Ume is a strong alkaline food in nature. Rich in amino acids, citric acid, malic acid and other organic acid, it acts as a natural anti-viral and antidote to remove toxins from our bodies.

Compared to other fruits, ume is a better source of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Environmental pollution (e.g. heavy metal in drinking water and seafood), food poisoning (e.g. refined cooking oil, artificial colorants and preservatives) and stress from long-hour work in this hustle city are deteriorating our mental and physical health.
Ume helps to cleanse blood and liver, and aids toxins floush out from kidney and promote healthy function of intestine.



The semi-matured ume (best for medicinal purpose) are collected and pressed into juice. In order to remove the impurities like seeds and skins, the juice is filtered with cloth.

The purified ume juice is then cooked slowly into 50 times concentrated ume paste.

Each 100g bottle of ume concentrated contains more than 400 pieces of ume.


Direction to use:

Use the given spoon to take out a 'soybean-size' portion of ume concentrated.

Good ume concentrated should look shinny and smooth without any unwanted residues. Taste sour but with sweet after-taste. It instantly stimualtes saliva and soothe dry and sore throats.

* Take ume 2-3 times when

~ Infected with flu and symptoms like sore throats and runny nose appears,

~ Got food allergies, food poisoning from artificial preservatives and suffer from gastroenteritis

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