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    Organic Red Beet Juice

Organic Red Beet Juice

Organic Red Beet Juice

Beutelsbacher Organic Red Beetroot Juice L+
[Code: 4163]


Packing: 750ml

Retail Price: 58.00

Country of origin: Germany

*German Demeter Organic Certified
*German Bio Organic Certified
*European Union Organic Certified

Ingredients: Beetroot juice 99 %, acerola juice

Beutelsbacher Beetroot Juice L+ is made of fresh beetroots from biodynamic cultivation (demeter). The beetroots are carefully selected and are not descended from hybrid seeds.

By purchasing this product you support the cultivation of original natural seeds, which allow organic farmers to keep their independence.

Lactic acid helps to form micro-organisms that result in natural acid fermentation. This menas that predominantly the valuable clockwise L (+) lactic acid is formed. Lactic acid fermented beetroot juice is the preferred choice by health-conscious people.

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