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    Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa

Davert Oganic Black Quinoa
[Code: 37792]


Packing: 200g

Retail Price: 45.00

Country of origin: Bolivia 

Quinoa has long been a staple food in the diets of Incas and was considered as the “mother seed”. Quinoa has a tiny and bead-shaped appearance, usually pale in yellow, while some species are in orange, pink, red, violet or black. It expands to four times its original volume after cooking, giving a fluffy, creamy and slightly crunchy taste. It has a delicate and nutty flavor.

Quinoa can be divided into three parts: bran, germ and endosperm. Most of the minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber and other nutrients are stored in the outer bran and germ regions, while the endosperm at the center are mainly carbohydrates.


Excellent Source of Complete Protein

Mineral Relieves Migraine Headaches

Antioxidation Nutrients Maintain Cell Integrity

Vitamins Enhance Energy Production

Dietary Fibers Prevent Gallstones, Improve Constipation

**Only quinoa originated from Bolivia can be called Royal Quinoa, which preserves the best quality in terms of nutritional profile and taste as the geological parameters there gives the best minerals, soil, temperature and humidity for growing this ancient grains.

**Since this product has been pre-washed to remove saponin which is naturally present on the grains, no washing is required to cook Rapunzel's quinoa.

For 100g 
Black Quinoa: Boil 2.5 times water, simmer 15 minutes, stir and  until the water was completely taken up.

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