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    Organic Pure Red Beet Powder

Organic Pure Red Beet Powder

Organic Pure Red Beet Powder

Organic Pure Red Beet Powder
[Code: 1902]


Packing: 200g

Retail Price: 305.00

Imported from Germany. BIO organic certified.


Fresh beets are not available all year round, particularly organically grown beets. Red Beet Crystals are easier to store and use. A seven-ounce jar of Red Beet Crystals.contains the equivalent of about 24 eight-ounce servings of red beet juice.

Schoenenberger beetroot crystal product is grown in special fields in the Swabian Uplands of Magstadt, Germany.

After harvesting, the beets are taken immediately to the processing facility and there they are washed, peeled and grated. They are then hydraulically pressed, which squeezes all juices out and then vacuum dried into crystal form.

This all, including the bottling, takes place within three hours.


Beet Root has blood fat inhibiting and liver cell regeneration properties. Rich in iron, potassium and magnesium content, soluble and insoluble fiber, sugar stabilizing effects, and essential for liver function and regeneration.

Iron that presents itself in red beets is more easily assimilated, usable and digestible and therefore far more useful to the body than a regular iron supplement in concentrated form.

The freeze drying process used to create the Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals concentrate the Red Beet ingredients making their effect very pronounce.

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