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    Organic Guava Juice

Organic Guava Juice

Organic Guava Juice

Beutelsbacher Organic Guava Juice
[Code: 4191]


Packing: 700ml

Retail Price: 68.00

South America is rich in tropical fruits which fit perfectly for innovative drinks. The Brazilian Guava (acca sellowiana)is a tree with high stems and evergreen branches which look like bushes full of leaves containing essential oils. Out of the wonderful flowers we can smell a fine aroma. It is possible to eat the flowers, too. The fruit tastes intensively exotic. It remembers a kind of pineapple and strawberry. Locals use the yellow green fruit to avoid infects and pain. The fruit helps to prevent inflammations and kills bacteria. In Brazil the guavas are grown according to the biologic-dynamic cultivation method which is called Demeter quality. The fresh harvested fruits are processed gently to pure juice. Because of tis richness in taste and the high content to the pulp it is blended with natural juces of cranberries and acerola cherries. As a natural sweetener we use agave and grapes. All these natural ingredients help to balance the taste of guava with its delicious taste.

No genetically modified organism, no chemical preservatives, colourings or sweeteners.
Quality: biologic-dynamic
Procedure: reaping fresh fruits
Ingredients: Water, guava pulp* 35%, agave juice concentrate** 10 %, cranberry juice**, acerola cherry juice**, grape concentrate**. *biologic-dynamic cultivation, **organic cultivation

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